Sunday, 22 December 2013

The crow flies straight, a perfect line. - 17 weeks

Christmas is a-coming and I am getting fat!
I'm also panic buying pressies for everyone as I've been so under prepared this year.
I have however gotten myself a lot of gifts, tis the season and all that.
1. Platform shoes - Nasty Gal - $12 in the flash sale
2. Leather look dress - Primark - £13
3. Iridescent green/black lace mini dress - Primark - £7 sale
4. Deep berry velvet midi dress - H&M - £15 

I also bought a whole bunch of underwear from Curvy Kate as I've gone from being an A cup my whole life to a D. Thank you pregnancy!

Braving the cold to get some more gifts today. Here's today's outfit:

Leather jacket - Topshop
Lace back t-shirt - Primark 
Bracelets - Oxfam and eBay
Leather trousers - New Look
Plaid shirt - Stolen from Will at work <3
Heels - Nasty Gal
Lips - Topshop Lip Marker in "berry"


  1. Ooh I am so jealous of the shoes! Stupid Nasty Gal. Love those leather trousers, you look fab <33

    1. There's still time for my feet to get too fat for them hahahah <333