Friday, 17 January 2014

Motel Daisy jumper review

It arrived!
To be honest I was shocked when I answered the door to the postman this morning in my lion pyjamas and he handed me a bundle of packages.
Seeing as I only ordered this jumper on Wednesday, I am literally over the moon with how fast the delivery was!

Anyway, onto the jumper.
It is literally the softest thing I have ever felt. As soon as I took it out of the packaging, all I wanted to do was bury my face in there and I immediately threw off said lion pyjamas and threw on the jumper.
It fits just like a dream, although I'm glad I went for the medium rather than the small as I feel it would have been too short (even for a cropped jumper.) The neck, although it is a high turtleneck style isn't too tight and makes me feel like I'm having a soft furry cuddle. The quality of this jumper is superb as to be expected from Motel.
I'm so so over the moon with it and I know I will be able to carry this right through even until after my pregnancy. Bravo Motel, bravo.

This is what I styled it with:

Mysterious beanie that appeared in my house//Motel Daisy Jumper//Zara sheer maxi skirt//Grey Plaid shirt (stolen from Will at work - I will give it back one day!)

I also received a gorgeous faux fur stole which I purchased from ebay what feels like a million years ago, which unfortunately, didn't survive the school run today and must have been unknowingly ripped from my shoulders as I collected R-dogg.
Anyone who's ever stepped foot in a primary school at collection time knows just how much of a circus it is, so even though I am absolutely gutted it's gone, I'm not totally surprised either.

Speaking of ebay, I am selling a few bits and bobs that either don't fit anymore or I just can't wear now that I am expanding at the speed of light.
If you're interested, go and have a gander HERE, and maybe pick up a bargain!

Peace and love

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

20 week scan, the big reveal!

Two blog posts in one day (aren't I spoiling you)

The big day finally arrived!
After much waiting and bitten nails and trips to and from the hospital, we finally got to see our new baby for the second time. We had been saying from the beginning that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby but pretty much as soon as the midwife asked, we agreed to find out.
So I am very happy to reveal that:

I can't begin to explain how happy I am. It's such a nice feeling to know who's in there wiggling away every day. He didn't stay still for the scan and the midwife struggled to take all of his measurements. Looks like he's got his fathers aptitude for kicking/punching. (JS trains MMA)
There were many smiles, lots of tears and lots of phonecalls to relevant grandparents.
Now the fun can begin, I can start shopping for tiny boy clothes and decorations for the nursery as well as drawing up a list of names!
R-dogg suggested "River" as his favourite baby name so far and we really like it too. I think we will stick with the "R" theme we have going for our growing man cubs. It's so nice to be able to call him a "he" instead of an "it." It makes it much more real.

Off to trawl ebay for cute boy stuff!

Motel Madness

The absolute babes over at Motel have been super kind and extended their sale until SUNDAY with upto 70% off some items!

Here's my top sale picks:

Whenever I'm wanting to add something fresh and new to my wardrobe I always head over to Motel as I feel they have something for every occasion that fits with my personal style. Plus, there's always something from Motel in my wishlists.

Being the sale snooper that I am, I bought the daisy cropped jumper. Although I seem to have a plethora of fluffy black jumpers, I kind of feel that when you live in the UK, there's no such things as "too much" when it comes to knitwear. I can't wait for it to arrive! 

 Don't forget you can get 20% off as well by using the code "lvcat" at the checkout.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday wishlist

To help combat that "Monday feeling"  I've made a list of things I'm lusting after this week:

1.Faux leather asymmetric t-shirt - Romwe - £28.70
2. Dreamy Ring - Cheap Monday - £5
3.Polley shoe - Dr Martens - £90
4. Flared Dress - Zara - £22.99
5.PVC Skater midi skirt - Missguided - £19.99
6. Minnie Dress - Monki - £35
7. PVC and fur backpack - MotelRocks - £40

I've become slightly obsessed with PVC and faux fur/leather recently. I think it's because pre-pregnancy I would have avoided them for fear of accidentally showing off lumps and bumps whereas now that's exactly what I do what to show off! Also, they're kind of tacky and I LOVE IT. I've seen some people style the PVC midi skirt really well over the last couple of weeks and that's also made me want one of my own. I think it will be next payday/Thursday's purchase :) The two dresses I have picked are just divine! The first has all the simple elegance I've come to expect from Zara and I think it would see me through till summer as it is perfect for layering over my mesh top, a turtle neck or a plain white t-shirt while its cold and then when the warmer weather hits, it can fly solo with some chunky platform sandals and cute socks. The Minnie dress from Monki also reminds me of this great crochet dress I had from American Apparel last year which I wore to death during the summer except it has a handy slip underneath! I love the sportswear feel it has and everyone needs a t-shirt dress in their wardrobe. Simple, fast and easy!

So I was also meant to have my 20 week scan today at the hospital. For those of you who are completely baby un-aware, as I was, the 20 week scan is when you find out if you're having a boy or a girl.
So me and JS trotted up to the hospital on his lunch break to go get scanned and see our little bean again just to find out that due to my horrific pregnancy brain (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I had got the dates wrong and we were originally booked in to go on the 9th. Thus resulting in tears and me apologising profusely to JS and being mad at myself ect ect.
There is a happy ending however!  The amazing nurse managed to re-book me to go get my scan on Wednesday, so we only have to wait two more days. Which, will give me two more days to try and convince JS to let us find out who exactly is in there.

20 week update:
My tummy measures: 92.5 cm / 36.5"
My waist is: 83 cm / 32.5"
Craving chocolate and trying not to give in. Heartburn has been a devil this week. Only a few headaches. Back to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy 2014 - 19 weeks

Welcome to the first post of 2014!

Sorry for the silence over the festive period, but as anyone who has small children will know (I have a 6 year old) Christmas time is a whirlwind which leaves very little time of anything other than seeing family and making sure everyone manages to get, at least, some sleep.
But regardless, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

Me, JS, R-dogg and the bump got incredibly spoilt this year and I was again left feeling overwhelmed by peoples love and generosity. Here's a few photo highlights:
1.Hung out with my niece for a few days - 2.Got a new toy - 3.R-dogg surrounded by gifts in the car
4.Wore my iridescent pine/black lace dress - 5.Instax of me and JS on boxing day - 6.Reds date
7.Bit of light new years reading - 8.Gorgeous cats eye glasses from JS

So January is all about one thing - SALES! I had a wonderful day yesterday waddling around the sales in Leeds with my Sister and niece, trying things on whilst trying to entertain an 18 month old. Which was no easy task.
I managed to get a couple of gorgeous finds in the Topshop sale which hopefully I will be able to wear right through my pregnancy and afterwards as well :)

My favourite find was this amazing velvet and lace midi dress which I got for an outstanding £15!
It fits so well and has these lovely lace cut out bits in my rib area and up the sides as well. Just the right amount of sexy which means I can dress this up or down. I've really fallen in love with it.
For this look I've teamed it with my red and blue velvet tasselled kimono, my black lace socks and chunky black boots.

Something very exciting happened over Christmas, we started to feel the baby kicking! It's got such a vicious kick and has taken to booting me in the bladder in the middle of the night. What a rascal.

so at 19 weeks:
My tummy measures: 90 cm / 35.5"
My waist is: 80 cm / 31.5"
I have lots of energy and just want to eat and eat and eat, which after chirstmas is a bit of a problem.
The baby seems to kick more when I'm listening to music. Me and JS went to see Alcoa last night and the baby kicked and squirmed all the way through. It was wonderful.

Hope you had an amazing festive time! has anyone else found any good sale bargains?