Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lady in red - 16 weeks

So here is my first post on the new blog!
Silly old me forgot my password/e-mail address/everything about the last one so I'm doing a fresh start.

Since my last post a couple of things have changed.
1. I'm not a redhead any more.
2.My lovely fiancé put a baby in me!

Basically I decided that the best way to document my expanding bump and how its affecting me/life/clothes choices would be to start up a blog again.

Here's todays outfit:

Tartan dress - eBay
Lace shirt - H&M
Rings - eBay
Snood - Laura Ashley
Coat - Oxfam

I'm trying really hard not to buy maternity wear and just wear the things I already have. I feel like over the last 3 weeks however, my bump has exploded outwards so trying to wear jeans/pants in general is super hard. Although I am excited to go shopping for a great christmas outfit that will show off my newly developed boobs - Thank you pregnancy!

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