Friday, 13 December 2013

Creepy Christmas wishlist and a quick lookbook.

Unfortunately I'm on bed rest for the next few days as I fell down the stairs at work last night so I thought I'd do a last minute Christmas wishlist, mostly to stop me from impulse buying EVERYTHING.

I realize it's a bit last minute but hey, ho.

1.Belong to the darkness ring - Blood Milk £106.83 // I realise I would have had to be a veeeeeeery good girl this year to get this as the price is way out of my budget but I couldn't help but fall in love with this ring. Rose gold is so versatile and the whole things has this "evil eye" feel to it. I adore everything Blood Milk sell, it's all gorgeous handmade jewellery with the right about of creep.

2. Incisor bra harness - OS accessories $145 // Again, another item I'm just going to have to lust after. I LOVE harnesses, there's something about adding a harness to a really pretty, floaty dress that just adds a little harder edge. This one caught my eye because of the teeth, which are PU bone reproductions and just make me do a little swoon!

3.We lived our lived in black t-shirt - SWAS $22 // I'm such a fan of shopwithasianstereotypes and already own their "It's okay to decay" t-shirt (see below). As I'm slowly expanding I feel t-shirts are going to become more and more of a staple every day thing and this one pretty much sums up my life.

4.Sun & Moon layered necklace - Empty Casket £10 // Empty Casket are my go-to for pretty jewellery with a twist and this sun and moon layered necklace is just what my trinket box is missing.
5. The Dolce Boot - Galata shoes £36 // With so many platform boots out there it's hard to choose which ones to buy, but the Dolce Boot from Galata shoes stood out as an affordable, practical every day boot with a lovely brass buckle at the top. Plus the heel isn't too high so I reckon I could get a lot of wear out of these before I end up the size of a house.

6. Cut out crochet dress - Romwe £14.76 // This Gorgeous dress is something I've been after for a while. At under £15 it's a steal and perfect for layering for this cold weather. Plus the shape of it allows me room for expansion!

7. Kitty Cat russian dolls - Balance £8 // Everyone needs something cute at Christmas and these kitty Russian dolls are just gorgeous. They're all hand painted and adorable! Balance also stock everything from lovely jewellery to smoking essentials to clothing so they really are a shop for everyone

Here's a quick look from yesterday featuring my "it's okay to decay" top

the leggings, mesh top and bracelets are from ebay!

Whats one everyone elses wish lists?