Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I went up a mountain!-35 weeks

Landed back in the UK after a week in the French Alps with JS and Rdogg. The sun shone, the snow fell and we all generally had a good time. Rdogg has learnt how to ski for the first time and I finally got to see JS on a snowboard after years of hearing about his prowess but never having a chance to witness it with my own eyes.
When I spoke to people about flying at 33 weeks pregnant, a look of pure horror would spread across their faces
"but what if you go into labour on the plane??!?" they cried. The truth is, the flight was so short that I probably would have still been in labour when we landed so I would have had a Swiss baby (we flew to Geneva) instead of a baby born in Huddersfield. Plus, I had my amazing mother law/midwife with me so I knew she'd keep me safe :)
I wish I had paid more attention to the  weather forecast as I packed many layers and jumpers and tights thinking it was gonna be freezing, only to be overheating most days in 20 degree heat!
Here's a couple of my fave snapshots from the week:

Now I'm back on non snowy land and officially on maternity leave (hoooray) I'm concentrating on planning my birth and getting all the final bits together for arrival of baby RS. Leaving the house is getting more and more difficult as the list of clothes I own that I can actually fit into is drastically getting smaller and smaller with each passing day. To add to this, I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and it's my birthday on Friday. I think that will be spent making myself depressed, dragging my egg-like self around the shops to find something suitable.

Today's outfit is one of my only dresses that actually fits without me having to wear tights under it, which, now the sunshine has returned, is a good thing really.

This is the amazing velvet and lace dress I got in the Topshop sale and I have teamed it with my trusty leather jacket and SheInside sunglasses. (similar here)

Counting down until baby RS appears - 5 weeks left!
As always, peace and love

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