Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A good old honest pregnancy blog post

I am now 32 weeks pregnant. 32 weeks!!! Where has the time gone?

I'm going to be honest, as much as I have loved being pregnant, I can't wait for it to be over now. It's been physically one of the worst things to ever happen to my poor broken body.
I am now well and truly into my final trimester (or the third stage of pregnancy) and it's given me a chance to reflect on how everything has gone so far.

First trimester
This was undoubtedly the worst of the three. Apart from having to keep my mouth shut about the fact I was pregnant, which I was rubbish at because I can't keep good news to myself, I was incredibly ill. I had to be signed off work for like 4-6 weeks with what was basically intense morning sickness, exhaustion and dehydration. If I wasn't asleep, I was being sick. I couldn't keep anything down apart from tiny mouse sized gulps of water. I spent more time with my head inside the toilet than I did with JS or R-dogg and our relationships suffered as we didn't want to tell R-dogg too early in case something went wrong. To top this all off, I had a pretty intense kidney infection, which was loads of fun. Going back to work and trying to do normal shifts and work until 2/3am was almost impossible but somehow I dragged my sorry bum through it and finally reached the...

Second trimester
This one was loads of fun. I was actually looking pregnant, we got to find out who was in there, my morning sickness dissipated and I was gifted with a whole bunch of energy. Not to mention my skin cleared up, my hair got thicker and I started to feel those awesome first movements. I was in love with my new, rounder shape and we could actually celebrate the upcoming arrival with our friends and family. It wasn't without it's downsides. I developed sciatica and pelvic girdle, which has made standing for long periods of time, rolling over in the night and generally being putting any pressure on my lower back/hips so terribly painful. My appetite went into overdrive and the cravings for chocolate kicked in big style. I was sending JS out to the shops for emergency cream eggs every night.

Third trimester
Everything is going well so far. My energy is slowly disappearing, but I think that's more to do with how much effort it is to actually move my huge frame around now. I'm getting more and more panicky about the actual giving birth and I'm adamant I do not want to be in a hospital. All going well I should be able to pop him out either at home or in our local birth centre, which has water birth facilities and is more of a home away from home. Trying to not have a melt down about the fact that the baby doesn't have a decorated room yet and keep having dreams about my waters breaking in work. BUT MATERNITY LEAVE STARTS IN 8 DAYS!!!! So I'm super looking forward to being able to nap throughout the day. Hooray for time off!
I'm also finding it harder to find clothes which are actually comfortable in this trimester, my maternity jeans are getting a little too tight as they are "over the bump" ones and they squeeze me a little too much now, so stretchy pencil skirts have been the way forward.
Shout out to my amazing sister for "lending" me the one I currently have on today. You're the best Em <3

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