Thursday, 19 June 2014

No smoke without fire// Welcome baby Rafe!

I had my baby!
It's been almost 3 weeks since I gave birth and now I finally feel like myself. It's been such a blur but I'm completely in love with my perfect little boy!
So without further ado, here is
Rafe Clifford Saville
born 01/06/14 at 11:40pm
weight 8lbs13oz

It was such a perfect and wonderful birth. According to the midwife I "hypno-birthed" which is where you go into kind of a trance and just get the job done. I used the birth pool and powered through without the aid of any pain relief. I feel very "earth mother" about the whole thing and I honestly know I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for the support of JS and the wonderful midwives.

So as a wonderful surprise, a lovely package arrived on my doorstep from the wonderful humans of SABBC.

I love the length and fit of the smoke cristal raglan as it helps hide my mummy tummy really well. The quality of the material is outstanding and it's buttery soft which is perfect for my sensitive skin. It makes it super comfy to wear as well. The colour of the vimto violet beanie is delicious!

Hopefully I should be able to do more blogging now that I've started to get into a routine and as I lose more of my baby weight I'll feel more and more comfortable doing outfit posts so watch this space!
As always, peace and love

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