Friday, 7 February 2014

A Valentines trio! 24 weeks

First off I'd like to apologise for the complete lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks. Things have been manic over here at Costa Del Sav with our lodgers moving out and me working 6 days a week and trying to re decorate two bedrooms. As a result of this, I am on bed rest today (and possibly tomorrow) under orders from the doctor as I am massively run down and have broken out in hives. Yeeeey!

ANYWAY, onto nicer topics. Valentines day! It's literally a week away and even tho we don't really celebrate it here (me and JS are loved up enough the rest of the year) I did see a cute idea making its way around the blogs which I thought I would try out yesterday..
My challenge, if I chose to accept it, was to create 3 looks for valentines day occasions;
  • Dinner Date
  • Meeting the parents
  • Casual coffee Date

So here is my offering:

Dinner Date

Iridescent lace Dress//Primark
Heels//Nasty Gal

I know what you're thinking. Where is the red? The pink? The love hearts? Well you won't find any of that nonsense here unfortunately. I may be many things but colourful I am not. I love this dress so much and if I was being taken out for dinner this valentines day, this is exactly what I would wear. I love the iridescent shine the lace has and the scalloped edge on the bottom of the dress gives the whole thing a lovely finish. Plus, with it's cut out back, you can flash some flesh without flashing too much. I teamed them with my Nasty Gal heels, which I definitely shouldn't be wearing yet as one tumble in these bad boys and it's game over.
What I really like about this outfit is that it's understated and sexy and leaves lots of room for playing with make up/hair/accessories. As I was dashing about yesterday, I didn't have too much time to do extravagant make up so this is really the basic's of this choice.

Meeting the parents

White lace collar blouse//Vintage
Polka dot tshirt//Vintage
Leather studded skirt//H&M

I have a confession. This skirt does not zip up, like, at all. My 24 week pregnant baby bump just is having none of it so I had to disguise the open zip with some clever folding and tucking et voilĂ ! I thought this was a fun and flirty but not too over the top sexy outfit for meeting parentals. It's been a long time since I've had to do any of that stuff (meet/impress parents) but this would be my choice. I layered the two vintage tops to create a more formal but girly look and the leather studded skirt adds a bit of an edge. 

Casual Coffee Date

Black eyelash jumper//H&M

This is my favourite outfit of the three. Mostly because it took me all of about 5 minutes to put together. I think that's the best type of outfit tho, don't you? One where you don't over think it too much and just go with your instinct. I would literally wear these dungarees all day every day if I could. I spent hours and hours trawling the internet for a pair that weren't denim/boring and Ark finally answered my prayers. With the freezing temperatures/rain we've been having, my beanie has been my go to headwear and would help to keep you looking and feeling hot. I'm actually wearing this right now because it makes me feel so good, even when I'm a poorly girl.

24 week update
So as you can see from the above pictures, my baby bump has EXPLODED outwards. JS keeps looking at me and going "you're so pregnant." He's definitely not wrong.Heartburn has started coming back with a vengeance and the sleepless nights have begun. It's so hard to be comfortable when you have another person karate chopping you in the bladder every few hours. Hence the awful bags under my eyes.
I am in love with my new body shape however. This is honestly the most confident I have felt about my body ever and I'm pretty sad that in a matter of 16 weeks, I'll probably go back to trying to hide my belly instead of wanting to show it off.

tummy: 100cm /39"
waist: 84cm /33"

No sign of stretch marks either. HOORAY!

What is everyone else wearing for valentines? Have you taken the 3 outfit challenge? Post in the comments below :)

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